Course 2018-19

Welcome to the 2018-19 course

In this section you will find the “School Calendar” and the “Dining Service” with the current month menu.

Then you can open the sheet “Sanitary and operating standards”, which contains the most relevant information of the course.

School rules

Most of our work is aimed at getting children to learn how to do things by themselves. For the proper functioning of the school, we need your collaboration and confidence to maximize children’s personal, affective and socialization possibilities.

Below you will find a printable spanish version of the school rules.


The course begins on Monday, the 3rd of September 2018, and the last day of class will be on 30th of July, 2019.

During this course the school will close on oficial holidays and seven days of free disposal and vacacion. These are:  November 2nd, December 24th, 27th, 28th, 31th, 2108 and April 18th, and July 31th of 2019

Below you will find a very practical printable version of the calendar.

Lunch service

Acuarella centers have a kitchen and a large dining room.

In Acuarella we have our own kitchen. All the food is prepared daily in our facilities; No pre-cooked or take away food is served.

At the School, teachers are the ones in charge of the vigilance of the canteens, with the monitors assistance. This allows to develop the education of behavior and nutritional habits at mealtimes.

The monthly menu of each school is published on each school’s website.

In Acuarella, the menus are created with nutritionists, kitchen staff and educators assessment.

Menus are adapted to the little ones and to intolerances and food allergies. In addition, a gluten free menu is available.

Samples of all the processed dishes are collected daily and are available for the sanitary inspection.

Photos course

In this space you will find all the photos taken to the Acuarella students and the summer camp participants of the different courses.

Access to our school is restricted to parents or guardians. For this reason the application will ask you to register by filling out a brief form: username, full name of the child and an email address. Once we receive the request and check the data we can authorize the entrance. The next step will be creating your access with your username and password to enter the gallery, view the photos and download them on your computer.

We hope you like them.

Here it is the handbook where you can find in detail all the steps that you have to follow in order to access and download the photographs.

Photos course 18-19

Photos course 17-18