Acuarella is a children’s school for children from 0 to 3 years old with two nurtsery scools in Barcelona, one in the Sants district and one in the Les Corts district.

Children need open air and movement. In our kindergartens we have created indoor and outdoor spaces that allow them to explore, manipulate, play, rest … They are preferential spaces where we offer an educational ambiance within the whole environment with facilities that foster the child’s natural creativity.

The spaces are cozy, with warm colours, avoiding the excess of stimuli. A calm atmosphere stimulates the curiosity. Acuarella gives your child the chance of interacting with other children, with whom they will learn to be sociable, and with educators who will offer them a family treatment.

Our daycare centers in Barcelona provide spaces, adaptable schedules and participation in stimulating activities that will enable them to develop positive skills and abilities for their future.


Meet our centers approved by the Generalitat of Catalonia. We have more than 10 years of experience and a team of qualified professionals.


We teach children in a comprehensive and personalized way, where the most important thing is their well-being and their families.


We take care of the adaptation, group activities and games to ensure that children have an idyllic first contact with the world of teaching.

Pedagogical Project

Learning based on a dynamic, active, playful and pleasurable process.

Our pedagogical project is an approximate, flexible and lively proposal. Our teaching team adapts to the particularities of each child to convey knowledge, values ​​and appreciation in an amusing, pleasant and sweet way. With the game as the main protagonist, the game is our innate way of knowing the world and learning. We take it as standard, as does curiosity, which drives attention and learning.

Learning English from birth requires an appropriate model of the new language. Read more…

Escuelas Acuarella Barcelona

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