Habits and routines (food, hygiene and sleep)

Apart from covering basic needs, it is the most important educational activity in the daily life of the school, respecting the rhythm of each child. Why are they so important? Because they are repeated on a regular basis, they make possible to acquire habits, autonomy and social integration, facilitating moments for the motor stimulation, language, affectivity and sensorial development. They favor the relation with the adult, since it stimulates the communication through body language, the look and the voice.


From points of interest that motivate and awaken children’s curiosity.

Specific activities

Sensory, attention, memory, psychomotor...

Symbolic game corners

They offer a considerable degree of autonomy. The diversification of the game proposals allows to create interactions among children.

The workshop

Space for the manipulation and experimentation of different materials. Space for artistic creation and experience of sensations.