The games

The "basket of treasures"

It is a source of experiences that the baby (when they can sit still) collects through the senses on his own initiative. They concentrate on, choose, experiment, change one object for another, … selecting certain objects from the basket without hesitation, acting with interest.

With this proposal they develop and sharp eye-hand-object coordination and manipulation skills.

They look for and receive inputs from diverse objects through the touch, the taste, the smell, the hearing, the sight and the body movement, facilitating a fast growth of the brain to them.

The objects of the basket can be: natural, natural materials, wood, metal, leather, clothing, rubber, ribbons, paper and cardboard. These objects are safe and carefully selected by educators. They are cleaned regularly.

The heuristic game (1-2 years)

It is based on playing, exploring and the combination of objects. It stimulates imagination and facilitates concentration and learning.

It is a good time for this type of game because children already enjoy the ability of using their hands and their newly acquired movement possibilities that lead to new discoveries.

The objects we use in this game facilitate actions such as filling, emptying, fitting, stacking, noticing contrasts and similarities, asking questions and looking for solutions. The objects selected are of different shapes, sizes, weights, colors, …

The symbolic game (2-3 years)

Recreation of the adult world. This game allows children to adapt themselves and find their place in the world actively. First, they act through imitation and then they recreate the external reality from its own desires, interests, research capacity, fears, etc.