Melcior de Palau

The center at Melcior de Palau street, 131 was opened on September 1st, 2011. Also in Barcelona, it is located in Sants, next to Les Corts and L’Eixample Esquerra (between Berlin street, Numància street and Sants Estació).

The school is located in a building that used to be “Generos de punto Farrés”, a textile factory of prints built in 1.920 and rehabilitated in 2.007. The building has a sober aesthetic combined with a children friendly and modern ambiance. It is located in a school environment and takes advantage of the pedestrians footpath “camí escolar” without any traffic or noise. It is a new location, with spacious spaces and lots of light, both in our classrooms and in the courtyard.

Llar d'infants Barcelona



(0 – 1 years)

This is the first contact with other children and a new environment. At this stage we will work all your senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste) through experiencing, lap games, massages and bread baskets, such as the treasure one, with the goal of developing both, physically and intellectually.


(1 – 2 years)

Children already enjoy the ability to catch objects and take them away; it’s the right time to introduce them to the “heuristic game” combining game, exploration and objects. At this stage we pay great attention to the understanding of language and the articulation of words and short phrases.


(2 – 3 years)

The children already interact with each other in a global way. Empathy also grows and is the perfect time to introduce them to more elaborated learning games, such as the symbolic play.


Lunch service

Acuarella centres have a kitchen and a large dining room.

In Acuarella we have our own kitchen. All the food is prepared daily in our facilities; No pre-cooked or take away food is served.

At the School, teachers are the ones in charge of the vigilance of the canteens. This allows to develop the education of behaviour and nutritional habits at mealtimes.

In Acuarella, the menus are created with nutritionists, kitchen staff and educator’s assessment.

Menus are adapted to the little ones and to intolerances and food allergies. In addition, a gluten free menu is available.

Samples of all the processed dishes are collected daily and are available for the sanitary inspection.

Download menu 7/2024

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