Course 2023-24

Welcome to the 2023-24 course

In this section you will find information on the dining room and swimming pool for the current year, as well as the links to consult the monthly menu and the school calendar.

You will also find access to our exclusive image gallery for Acuarella families, where they can see and download all the photos taken in the different activities during the current and previous school year.


The Acuarella centers have a kitchen and a large dining room.

Our own kitchen allows all the food to be prepared daily in our facilities (no pre-cooked or transported food is served), following a healthy, satisfying, complete, balanced, safe diet, adapted to children and the environment, sustainable and affordable. Our diet is based on the majority consumption of plant-based foods, such as fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables, legumes, whole grains, virgin olive oil and, less frequently, dairy products, fish, meat and eggs.

We make menus that are adapted to younger children and also to cases of intolerances and allergies. You can consult the monthly menu in the tab of each school or directly by contacting your center.

For babies we also offer, for families who wish, feeding based on “baby led weaning” (BLW), an expression that means that the “baby leads weaning” and gives its name to the method known as “self-regulated feeding”. for the baby” and consists of giving the child preparations that are part of the 12m-36m menu in small portions, without resorting to the mashed ones of the conventional diet. The benefits of BLW are multiple, it favors the baby’s motor skills and autonomy and encourages them to try new foods in a pleasant way.

You can consult more information about this method at the following link or by consulting directly at the Acuarella centers.

School rules

It is a document that includes a series of tips and rules that we have established for the Acuarella nurseries. Most of our work is aimed at getting children to learn to do things for themselves. For the proper functioning of the school, we need the collaboration and trust of the families, with the understanding of the points established in the regulations, to maximize the personal, affective and socialization possibilities of the boys and girls.

Each center will provide you with this document.


The course starts on Friday 1 September and the last day of class will be Tuesday 30 July 2024.

Acuarella schools are closed this year for 7 days as holidays (Christmas and Holy Week days) and free days, apart from the holidays established in the Barcelona holiday calendar.

Acuarella Melcior Calendar

Photos course

In this space you will find all the photographs taken in our schools.

Access is restricted to Acuarella families, that is why the app asks you to register afterwards we will verify your identity to give you access.

This new gallery allows usability on the mobile phone, which is an important improvement that allows the visualization of the folders with their images in a clearer and more intuitive way, and allows them to be downloaded on the same device.

In the PDF that you will find below, we explain in a simple way how to access the gallery with the images of your children.

We wish you like them!!!

Galleries access