Pedagogical project

Educational project

The purpose of the Educational Project is to promote the coherence and continuity of the teaching action and educational activities and reflecting consistently the pedagogical line of the center according to the internal identity and the socioeconomic and cultural context where the schools are located. Therefore, we consider that the Educational Project is not strictly a declaration of intentions, but also a guide that assists the organization of the educational action and makes it make sense. There cannot be a real education without intention, without values, without systematization and without foresight.

Thus, the ACUARELLA Educational Project is the document that should guide the activity of the school and its members. Its contents are primary for the development of the rest of the planning and organizing tools and instruments that currently exist.

This project is linked to the conception of childhood based on appreciation and respect for each child as a human being able to learn and live in freedom. Learning framed in a dynamic and active process of games and leisure. Our project is an approachable, flexible and lively proposal that must adapt to people, our reality and future projects, as well as to the conception of childhood that we defend.