The schools


Children need open-air and movement. In our kindergartens we have created indoor and outdoor spaces that allow them to explore, manipulate, play, rest… They are preferential spaces where we offer an educational ambiance within the whole environment with facilities that foster the child’s natural creativity.

The spaces are cozy, with warm colors, avoiding the excess of stimuli. A calm atmosphere stimulates the curiosity.

The schools



(0 – 1 years)

This is the first contact with other children and a new environment. At this stage we will work all your senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste) through experiencing, lap games, massages and bread baskets, such as the treasure one, with the goal of developing both, physically and intellectually.


(1 – 2 years)

Children already enjoy the ability to catch objects and take them away; it’s the right time to introduce them to the “heuristic game” combining game, exploration and objects. At this stage we pay great attention to the understanding of language and the articulation of words and short phrases.


(2 – 3 years)

The children already interact with each other in a global way. Empathy also grows and is the perfect time to introduce them to more elaborated learning games, such as the symbolic play.

Detail of the classrooms at the center of Sant Fructuós street

Detail of the classrooms at the center of Melcior of Palau street

Detail of the classrooms at the center of El Rierot street, Mataró